PVA Fees and Fundraising

What PVA fees pay for:

Depending on which discipline your child is in, PVA Fees provide:

• Guest artists/clinicians
• Specialized equipment
• Festivals
• Costuming
• Offsite Activities

PVA Music – $350

PVA Media Arts – $75


 PVA Visual Arts – $100

PVA Dance – $125

PVA Fashion – $75


General Music – $100

PVA Theatre Arts – $250

You can pay all CBE School Fees online through MyCBE.
As per CBE policy, an accounting of how these funds are spent is available upon request.

What PVA fundraising pays for:

PVA program enrichment

PVA Coordinating Assistant (liaison between PVA students & parents, teaching staff, CMMPA/CPVAF)

Student Fundraising Account (SFA)
to offset your child’s individual school expenses

• PVA fees • tours/travel

Everyone is required to complete their bingos and participate in two fundraising initiatives to support the program. Once that is done, families who choose to participate in additional fundraising will earn funds toward their child’s “Student Fundraising Account” (SFA) This is designed to help offset individual expenses related to tours/trips, PVA fees, etc.

Here’s an idea of what touring expenses might look like:

Use Charms to register your dates for Bingo(s) and CSEC opportunities.

See below for more info on how to use charms. If you have any questions, please contact Jodi at cmmpa@telus.net or 403-287-1404

PVA Charms

Charms is a web-based tool that PVA uses to provide a variety of informational tools including fundraising opportunities, fundraising accounting, etc.

Signing In for the First Time

  • Visit www.charmsoffice.com
  • Click the LOGIN link at the top right corner
  • Locate the Parents/ Student/Members tab
  • PVA’s School Code is: CMMPA

Enter your Charms ID.  (If you don’t know your password, please email cmmpa@telus.net

  • Once signed in, you will be asked to change your password
  • Also, please visit the Home page and visit “Update Info” to provide all contact information required including that on the “Add New Adult” page.

Signing Up for Bingos and Fundraising:

Use the “Volunteer” icon to sign up for your required bingos and other fundraising opportunities.

  • Music families are requested to spread out their required bingos equally throughout the year, two matinee or one evening bingo(s) in the first semester and the same again in the second semester.
  • All other PVA families (including families with a child only enrolled in Concert Choir and/or Beginner Strings) can sign up for their two matinees or one evening bingo on whatever date(s) works for you.
  • If you are interested in being considered to do a substantial number of bingos to offset fees, travel expenses, etc., please email this request tobingo.cmmpa@gmail.com
  • If you are interested in working Saddledome and Stampeder events, you will need to first take a short training session before signing up (usually offered in the fall). To sign up, please email csec.cmmpa@gmail.com
  • Select from the list of events open to volunteers. Please notes that you must have gone through the mandatory training in order to work Saddledome and Stampeders events, which are also included here.
  • Enter the name, phone number and email address of the individual who will be working the bingo. Phone and email information will be kept confidential and will disappear once you select ‘sign up’.
  • If you are new to bingos and have no training, please sign up as a General Worker or on the waitlist.


  • Select the Finance icon to view your fundraising finances.

Uniforms (Music Only):

Once music students have been assigned a uniform, it can be tracked by selecting the Uniform button

Info & Changing  Passwords

  • If you have trouble signing in or forget your password, contact Jodi at cmmpa@telus.net or call (403)-287-1404
  • When updating personal information please select the Update Info button.

*Please remember to add all contact information & keep it updated.

What is the difference between a PVA Music student and a General Music student?

General Music students are those enrolled only in Concert Choir and/or Beginner Strings.  All students enrolled in other Music courses are considered to be part of PVA Music.  Please contact Adam Mailman if you have further questions regarding General or PVA Music Fees or Paul Mulloy regarding any other PVA Fee questions.

My child is enrolled in more than one PVA discipline. How many Required Bingos am I expected to work?

If your child is enrolled in more than one PVA discipline, you are required to pay PVA fees for each discipline.  Regarding fundraising however, we ask that you volunteer for the number of bingos of the discipline your child is in with the highest bingo requirements.  In other words, if your child is in PVA Dance and PVA Music, you are only required to fulfill the required bingos of PVA Music: 2 evening bingos, 1 evening bingo and 2 afternoon bingos or 4 afternoon bingos.

Where is the CPVAF/CMMPA office?

You can find Jodi Wood in the CPVAF/CMMPA office every school day.  The office is in Rm 173 on the main floor of the school in the back/South hallway.

What cheques do we need to provide? When are these cheques due?

All families need to submit either Bingo Deposit cheques or Bingo Payout cheques.  These cheques are due to the CMMPA/CPVAF office before the end of September.  Cheques should be delivered to the CMMPA/CPVAF office in Rm 173. — All cheques should be written to CPVAF.  (Calgary Performing and Visual Arts Foundation)

What should we do if our family doesn’t use cheques?

If you do not have cheques, pleases ask your bank what options are available.  Otherwise, we will hold cash equivalents for Bingo Deposits.  Deposits will be refunded as soon as individual families have completed Required Bingo(s).

Where is the location for PVA’s Bingos?

All of our bingos are located at the Grey Eagle located at 3777 Grey Eagle Dr, Calgary, AB.

Please note this is a smoking facility.

What info do I need to know about working my Bingo shift?

Daytime bingos check in time is 10:15 (Chairperson at 10:00) and evening/late night bingos check in time is 4:15 (Chairperson at 4:00).

Training for General Workers is done on the spot.

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes as you will be walking for the duration of the bingo.  No hoodies and do not wear red or dark pink as those colors signify the paid employees.

We provide a 15-minute break in order to eat.  You are allotted an $11 concession budget.  Please no outside food or drink.

When you arrive at the Grey Eagle, a sign-up sheet will indicate the positions.  It is a first come, first serve process unless special considerations have been indicated by the Bingo Coordinator or Chairperson.

How do I sign up for extra bingos to earn money towards my child’s Student Fundraising Account?

If you are interested in earning funds for your child’s Student Fundraising Account by working at extra bingos, you need to wait for an email call out two weeks prior to specific bingo dates.  Emails will only be sent out when volunteers are required.  Please put a (SFA) beside your name when you register.  If you have a different last name than your child or someone else is working for your child, please also indicate that beside your name.

When signing up for a Bingo, what positions can I work?

If you are new to working Bingos, please only sign up as a “General Worker” or on the “Waitlist”.

What should I do to be trained to work in a Bingo office position?

If you desire to work in the office, you are first required to work as a General Worker in floor positions.  For more information on training for office positions, please email bingo.cmmpa@gmail.com

I have already signed up for a Bingo. How do I make changes to the Bingo registration dates and/or positions?

If you sign up in error, need to change a position, etc. you will need to email  cmmpa@gmail.com to make changes.  Please be mindful that you are responsible to fill your shift if you are unable to attend.

I have signed up on the waitlist of a Bingo. What are the requirements of this position? How late might I be called in? When am I off the hook?

If you sign up on the waitlist, you need to be ready to come to the Grey Eagle up until one hour after the start of the bingo.  (Afternoon Bingos start at 10:15 am, Evening Bingos at 4:15.)  Bingo Chairpersons are instructed to contact their waitlist volunteers as soon as they have a full quota of volunteers.  You may also contact the Grey Eagle directly for confirmation at (403) 240-4002.

How do I sign up for extra bingos to earn money towards my child’s Student Fundraising Account?

If you are interested in earning funds for your child’s Student Fundraising Account, you need to wait for an email call out two weeks prior to specific bingo dates.  Emails will only be sent out when volunteers are required.  Please put a (SFA) beside your name when you register.  If you have a different last name than your child or someone else is working for your child, please also indicate that beside your name.

How do we find out how much our family has earned in our child’s Student Fundraising Account?

To find out the balance of your child’s Student Fundraising Acct, sign into your Charms acct and select the “Finance” Icon.  Further questions?  Contact Jodi Wood at the CMMPA/CPVAF office.

How do I direct funds held in my child’s Student Fundraising Account to be credited towards PVA Fees and/or tours/trips?

To direct funds towards a school trip to offset PVA Fees, email Jodi Wood at the  CMMPA/CPVAF office at least two weeks prior to due dates. 

What happens if there are still funds held in my child’s SFA when he/she graduates or leaves PVA? Can the acct be “cashed out”?

Under Alberta Gaming and Liquor rules, funds held in Student Fundraising Accounts cannot be cashed out.  Revenue left in individual accounts after graduation or withdrawal from PVA will be directed to PVA’s general fundraising acct unless a written request is made asking that funds be transferred to another PVA student or to a younger sibling.

What is CSEC?

The Calgary Sport and Entertainment Corporation oversees running concession stands at Saddledome and McMahon Stadium events.  Fundraising opportunities are available for adults and students!

Does everyone have to participate in CSEC fundraising events?

No.  CSEC fundraising is optional for families who want to raise funds toward their child’s Student Fundraising Acct. 

What do I need to do to participate in CSEC fundraising?

The first thing you need to do is get trained.  Emails will be sent out to all PVA families when CSEC training sessions are announced.  Adults will also require to be ProServe certified.  If you attend CSEC training first, the fee for ProServe certification will be covered by CSEC.

How do I sign up to work specific CSEC events?

Once you’ve been trained and have Proserve, use your online Charms account to sign up for CSEC events.  All CSEC events are listed under the “Volunteer” icon.

How do I find out about opportunities to participate in Non-Bingo Fundraisers to raise money for my child’s Student Fundraising Account?

Throughout the year, emails will be sent out to PVA families about a variety of rotating fundraising opportunities such as selling Purdys Chocolates, etc.  Participation is optional.  80% of the profits raised by your child will be directed to your child’s Student Fundraising Account.

Questions or concerns?
Contact us at: (403)-287-1404 or cmmpa@telus.net

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