Who is this program for?  The PVA Media program is all about Audio/Video Production, Animation, Photography, and Graphic Design. This is for artists and storytellers who like to work with computers, software, cameras, microphones, lights, and technology.  If you have interests in film-making, animation, gaming, media production, and art & design, this program is for you!

The PVA Teachers are always excited to meet our new applicants and we want you to know that our auditions and interviews are supportive and friendly environments.  We want you to feel at home when you enter our school and classrooms.  Feeling excited and nervous for this process is normal!  We see that you made a decision to challenge yourself in high school and we believe that creativity takes courage, and commend you for starting that journey with us.

Successful PVA Students are…

  • Open-minded & Knowledgeable
  • Creative Risk-takers & Original Thinkers
  • Communicators & Reflective
  • Balanced & Organized
  • Students who want to grow, stretch, and invest in their learning potential

Your learning with us begins in the audition and/or interview with PVA teachers.  Arriving prepared and ready to showcase who you truly are and what you want from this specialized program is the first learning curve of many.  Please ensure that you take a good amount of time to prepare for your audition and/or interview. We do not invite students into the program solely based on their skillset or talent. We believe in the whole person, which means that how you speak about what you hope to learn, what you hope to contribute to our community, and why you love learning in your area of the arts is equally as important to us as what you showcase.


PVA Media Arts students are required to sign up for one (1) portfolio interview
submit a digital portfolio for review

Applicants Parents/Guardians are not expected to attend the interview portion, but are welcome to sit outside during the interview and review materials related to our school and program while they wait.

Portfolio Requirements

What should I show in a portfolio?

Show us what you’re proud of! Submit any creative work using graphic tools of any kind.  The important thing is that you’re showing us work that is refined, edited, and shows concentrated creative effort.  School projects and work from your art class are great to include in your portfolio, but you can also show us what you would want to design using any media of your choice.

Your work could include:

  • Original photography : digital drawings or painting, edited photoshop work.
  • Graphic design work : such as posters, signage, presentations, drawing or painting.
  • Time based media : short films, movies, animations, audio files, digital music recording, podcasts.
  • Traditional drawing and painting in a slideshow or website.

What shouldn’t I put in a portfolio? 

Avoid short random tiktoks, premade gifs, quick doodles, gaming screen captures, or 3-D work in Minecraft. Instead, it’s good to show planned or edited video projects, rendered complete drawings, original character designs or fan art, experimentations in stop motion or digital animation, and 3-d work using design software.

What do I present in the interview? 

We’ll talk about your work, your background, interests, experience, goals, and what you like to create.  You should have a few examples that display your eye for visual composition, your creativity working with a theme story or message, and your skills using different media, artistic tools, and software. 

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