The PVA Teachers are always excited to meet our new applicants and we want you to know that our auditions and interviews are supportive and friendly environments.  We want you to feel at home when you enter our school and classrooms.  Feeling excited and nervous for this process is normal!  We see that you made a decision to challenge yourself in high school and we believe that creativity takes courage, and commend you for starting that journey with us.

Successful PVA Students areā€¦

  • Open-minded & Knowledgeable
  • Creative Risk-takers & Original Thinkers
  • Communicators & Reflective
  • Balanced & Organized
  • Students who want to grow, stretch, and invest in their learning potential

Your learning with us begins in the audition and/or interview with PVA teachers.  Arriving prepared and ready to showcase who you truly are and what you want from this specialized program is the first learning curve of many.  Please ensure that you take a good amount of time to prepare for your audition and/or interview. We do not invite students into the program solely based on their skillset or talent. We believe in the whole person, which means that how you speak about what you hope to learn, what you hope to contribute to our community, and why you love learning in your area of the arts is equally as important to us as what you showcase.


Technical Theatre applicants will be required to sign up for one (1) Interview slot.

We prefer if a parent/guardian attends the interview with you.

Interview Questions

Student Questions

What draws you to or interests you about technical theatre?

Have you been part of any technical teams for any shows?

If yes, what roles have you taken on?

What is your academic average?

How motivated and successful are you at maintaining your own schedule for assignment completion or keeping appointments?

How busy are you after school, what kinds of extra-curricular activities do you participate in?

How effective are you with problem solving?

How do feel about working in groups or teams?

Do you enjoy and forms or artistic creation or making (drawing, designing, painting, construction, duct tape sculpting)?

Parent Questions

How do feel about coming to school for early morning drop offs and late pickups?

Is your child organized and able to meet deadlines?

How do they do with solving complex problems?

How do you think they will do after a series of late nights after long days at school?

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