CPVAF Contributions 

  • Embroidery machine ($14,350)
  • Kiln furniture ($1000)
  • Easels ($1500)
  • Costumes  ($5,000)
  • Dance Shoes ($1,000)
  • Light Bars x 3 ($1438)
  • Music Stand Storage ($1407)
  • Chair rack (Wenger) for room 101 (2 @ $800 each)
  • Rear projector screen (2) ($4500)
  • Laser projector and lens ($10,000)
  • Costume Wardrobe ($1000)
  • Wall Mounted Mirrors in room 171 ($1780) 

2022/2023 Wishlist

  • The 2022-2023 wishlist will be submitted in the fall.

Parents and Caregivers of Central Memorial High School’s PVA Students,  

Thank you whole heartedly for all generous donations received for this year’s “Shoot for the Stars” campaign.  

Together, we raised a total of $37,775.00! This could not be achieved without each and every donation. 

For the first time in history, the CPVAF is able to fulfill the entire PVA Teacher Wishlist. 

 These items will enrich the programming for students and staff. 

We cannot say thank you enough, so here it is one more time: Thank You!!!

Funds raised support all the PVA programs:

Band, Fashion, Media Arts, Strings, Tech Theatre, Theatre Arts, Vocal and Visual Art.

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