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The Performing and Visual Arts Program at CBE’s Central Memorial High School prides itself on offering students from across the Calgary region the opportunity to study a variety of artistic disciplines at an advanced level. Students discover and fulfill their creative abilities through the guidance of experienced and accomplished artists in an atmosphere of academic rigour and creative expression. Exploring an artistic discipline every day affords students the unique opportunity to develop skills, deepen knowledge and discover their own voice through the arts. This program provides a strong foundation allowing students to easily transition into post-secondary studies or professional work within the arts community.

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December 13
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The Centre for Performing & Visual Arts
at Central Memorial High School
5111 21st Street SW, Calgary


Dedicated teachers, guest teachers and clinicians

hours of arts instructions a year

Advanced Placement courses available

Band - vocal - dance - fashion - media arts - strings - theatre arts - tech theatre - visual arts


PVA band


Explore musical literacy and expression through unique programming in a music program not found elsewhere in the city. The program focuses on the development of the individual musician, providing our students with the abilities, confidence, and opportunities to go wherever their musical journey takes them, for life. Depending on your interest and level, participate in our beginner band, concert band or jazz ensemble.


An enriched program designed for dancers interested in broadening their dance experience in a technically and artistically challenging environment. Students will develop technical skills necessary to create, perform and analyze dance and are encouraged to find personal expression and creative voice. Participate in one dance class every day, covering a broad range of genres.

Check out our latest dance production, Dance Central 2021!

PVA fashion


Broaden your fashion and visual art experience in a practical and artistically challenging environment. Students will develop practical skills necessary to create, construct and analyze fashion design and are encouraged to find personal expression and creative voice through their project work. This program will offer a thorough study in fashion design and will include a wide range of textile media exploration, history of fashion, fashion appreciation and professional development in fashion design and marketing.

media arts

A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to media creation that fosters individual exploration and innovative thinking. Learn the flexibility to adapt to various situations in  relation to photography, videography, and animation design. Students work with professional artists in their areas of study, approach tasks with a project-based learning model, and exit the program more knowledgeable about how their skills can be used after high school in the professional industries.

PVA media arts


A place for violinists, violists, cellists, and bassists to grow as musicians and explore the rich world of string music. Central Memorial is proud to host one of the only credited high school strings programs within the CBE. At Central, students have an opportunity to participate in the program as a PVA music student, or as a general student.

technical theatre

A practical learning experience that provides hands-on opportunities for students interested in development of skills, knowledge and experience in the technical side of the theatrical world. The experiences and skills developed in this program are directly transferrable to post-secondary technical theatre programs as well as preparation for exploration of technical work in broadcasting, motion pictures, stage and multi-media.

PVA tech theatre

theatre arts

Work with a well rounded team of professional artist/teachers to develop skills required to confidently find success in performance work. Through a conservatory approach focused on specialized instruction, students are encouraged to develop strong acting, movement/dance, and vocal skills.

Check out our production of  The Addams Family!

visual arts

Students with a wide range of backgrounds enter our program to learn and practice the foundations that will lead them towards personal style and innovation by graduation. It’s an intensive study in visual art and includes a wide range of media exploration, art history, art appreciation, and professional development in the arts. Explore drawing techniques and styles, colour exploration, painting, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry.  An art studio class every day of the school year helps to maintain your skill level and challenge your creative spirit. PVA Art students may also benefit from the Advanced Placement Studio Art program.


Learn a variety of ensemble and solo experiences that focus on the development of singing skills and musicianship through the exploration of quality and diverse repertoire. Each ensemble participates in festivals and tours as they advance their singing techniques and confidence. Develop your craft through a wide range of repertoire while exploring who you are as a musician and collaborator. All ensembles are full-year, five-credit courses.

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Can I attend this school if I don’t live in the area?

Students throughout Calgary are welcome to audition/interview for their PVA program of choice! Those who live outside our designated area will be directed to complete the CBE high school transfer process. Grade 9 students from our designated area (A.E. Cross, Bishop Pinkham, Glamorgan, Griffith Woods, Mount Royal, and Vincent Massey) do not need to complete the CBE high school transfer process.

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